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Your Way to a Healthier Smile

A healthier smile starts with healthier teeth and gums. From general dental care to cosmetic dentistry and advanced treatments and technologies, Lindale Dental Care offers all the services you need for a brighter, healthier smile today – and for many years to come.

Your Initial Oral Exam

Our goal is to get to know you as a patient and for you to feel comfortable with your provider. Your overall health and any dental fears are discussed so we make sure we provide the best possible care.

Your first visit to Lindale Dental begins with a thorough examination of your mouth so all treatment options are considered and tailored to your needs. This includes a visual examination and oral cancer screening, gum and bone measurements, and charting existing dental treatments. Digital x-rays may be recommended to look for cavities in between teeth, diagnose impacted teeth, and to rule out a dental abscess or cyst. Intraoral cameras are also routinely employed to better explain decay or cracked teeth.

General dental care from Lindale Dental in Cedar Rapids

Dental Care Services

The professionals at Lindale Dental Care are expertly trained to offer a wide variety of comprehensive dental services.

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